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Based in Meridian, Foley Freeman offers Treasure Valley clients large firm talent at a small firm size. We devote a substantial portion of our practice to assisting people facing divorce and other family law issues, understanding the highly personal and emotionally-charged nature of these matters. In some situations, spousal maintenance, often still referred to as alimony, is awarded to one spouse during or after divorce. We help clients achieve fair and workable support arrangements.

Determining Spousal Maintenance in Idaho

Spousal maintenance is a legal term for money one spouse or former spouse may be required to pay the other spouse during and/or after divorce. While maintenance can be set for life, it is usually awarded for a specific period of time. When determining the amount and duration of a spousal maintenance award, Idaho courts look at the following factors:

  • The financial resources of the party seeking support
  • The time necessary to acquire sufficient education and training to enable the party seeking support to find employment
  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and the physical and emotional condition the party seeking spousal maintenance
  • The ability of the party from whom maintenance is being sought to meet his or her own needs while meeting those of the party seeking maintenance
  • The tax repercussions on the parties
  • The marital fault of either party

If a divorce involves children, child support will be determined before a court considers spousal maintenance. When a spouse is ordered to pay child support, that amount becomes a factor when the court decides whether or not a maintenance award is appropriate.

The process for determining spousal maintenance is much more subjective than the process for determining child support because there is no specific mathematical formula that courts use to calculate spousal maintenance payments. It is difficult to predict a certain result in any case, and the issue can become hotly contested. An experienced family law attorney from Foley Freeman can explain and protect your rights with regard to spousal maintenance, whether you are seeking or contesting an award.

Talk to a Reputable Treasure Valley Family Lawyer about Maintenance Issues

Spousal maintenance is ultimately about making sure each spouse has the resources they need to maintain a reasonable standard of living after divorce. If you feel that your support arrangement could be less than fair, please contact Foley Freeman to schedule a consultation. We strive to find constructive solutions to divorce and family law issues.