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Bankruptcy Update-Are Stimulus Checks Exempt in Idaho?

Idaho Bankruptcy Update, COVID-19 and Stimulus Checks April 6, 2020 On March 27th, 2020, Congress passed, and President Trump signed the CARES act into law. Part of that trillion-dollar stimulus package includes direct stimulus payments to households in America. Households can receive up to $1,200.00 per adult and $500.00 per child. Are these stimulus checks exempt in… Read More »

Bankruptcy Update-Idaho Raises Homestead Exemption

Idaho Bankruptcy Update-Homesteads and COVID-19 April 6, 2020 The Idaho exemptions have recently changed significantly in favor of borrowers. An exemption is an item of value that is protected from a creditor’s reach. Even if a person is sued and a judgment is entered against the borrower, a creditor is still barred from taking these items. One… Read More »

Estate Planning and Covid-19

Many people procrastinate, or delay completing, their estate plans while trying to finalize some difficult decisions. Preparing an estate plan, whether a will or a revocable (or living) trust, is something that many people often think of, but life gets in the way and they never seem to get around to finalizing their plan. As… Read More »

Bankruptcy and Tax Debt

Income tax debts may be dischargeable under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. There are several criteria that must be met in order for taxes to be dischargeable.    The due date for filing a tax return is at least three years ago.     The return was filed at least two years ago.  … Read More »

Challenges to Wills

Challenges to Wills A possible settlement deal was recently reported in the litigation over the estate of Huguette Clark, the wealthy heir of former U.S. Senator William A. Clark. The litigation is will contest action filed in New York concerning Huguette Clark’s April 2005 will.  In her will, she removed her distant relatives as beneficiaries… Read More »

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure in Idaho

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure in Idaho The Emerald Forest Products sawmill on W. Main Street in Emmett, ID filed for bankruptcy and faces a trustee foreclosure sale. The business, which opened in 2010, struggled to produce boards with its used equipment and now owes Northwest Bank almost $2 million. The bankruptcy is a blow to Dick… Read More »

An Arrest for a Juvenile Offense is Not Child’s Play

Boise police announced the arrest of two 15-year-old boys who were involved in a summer crime spree. The boys stole iPhone chargers, knives, money and other items from unlocked cars, as well as causing damage to houses under construction and the metal grates at Lake Hazel Middle School. They youths were charged with multiple counts… Read More »

The Legal Grounds For Divorce in Idaho

A recent study by Ohio State University researchers suggests that members of large families may be less likely to get divorced. The study was based on information obtained from more than 50,000 Americans within the last 40 years. The findings demonstrate that the chances of a person getting a divorce decrease two percent per sibling… Read More »

Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure (I.R.F.L.P.)

Effective January 1, 2013 the Fourth Judicial District of Idaho implemented the Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure (I.R.F.L.P.). The I.R.F.L.P. are a pilot project of the Idaho Supreme Court for the Fourth Judicial District, including Ada, Boise, Elmore and Valley Counties. These rules apply ONLY to family law cases filed in the Fourth Judicial… Read More »

The Next Major Change of BAPCPA

In April of 2005, the United States Congress passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, commonly known as BAPCPA.  That law took effect in October of 2005.  One of the important changes of BAPCPA was 11 U.S.C. §727(a)(8), which was amended to increase the number of years for which a person can refile a chapter… Read More »