A recent study by Ohio State University researchers suggests that members of large families may be less likely to get divorced. The study was based on information obtained from more than 50,000 Americans within the last 40 years. The findings demonstrate that the chances of a person getting a divorce decrease two percent per sibling — up to seven siblings. While the reasons for the findings are unknown, the study’s authors explain that having many brothers and sisters helps prepare a person to handle relationships with others, an important skill for a healthy marriage.

The legal grounds for divorce in Idaho

A marriage is an intense and close relationship. As with any intense relationship, when things are going well, the partners complement each other through even difficult situations. When things are not going well, other problems can be exacerbated. There are many reasons why marriages fail, from basic personality incompatibility to abuse. The reason that a spouse ends a marriage is recognized by law as the grounds for the divorce.  Any action for divorce in Idaho must be based upon a valid ground for divorce pursuant to state law. The law in Idaho allows for a no-fault divorce in cases where the spouses have irreconcilable differences or have been separated for at least five years. There are also divorces based upon the fault of one of the spouses. These include:

  • Adultery
  • Extreme cruelty
  • A willful desertion or neglect
  • A spouse is convicted of the felony
  • Insanity of one of the spouses

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